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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clay Fist

So much fun!!
Almost able to finish, at the end of class i still had a little bit left to finish but over all it turned out great!!

Friday 12/3/10 Lecture

Abstract Expressionism-  Action Painting

Jackson Pollock- 'Jack the Dripper'
  • worked in large scale
  • not about thinking about being
Norman Rockwell- painted a man viewing a Pollock Painting
Franz Klein
Joan Mitchell- one of the first well known women painters
Cy Twombly
Bryce Martin

Abstract expressionism very climatic

artists had to figure out what was ok and what wasn't

Color Field Paintings

Helen Frankenthaler- poured paint
Mark Ruthko
Morris Lewis

Hard Edge

Frank Stella
Ellsworth Kelly
Bridget Riley
Mary Hillman
John Lasker

Pop Art
Richard Hamilton
Andy Warhol
Jasper Johns
Robert Rauchenburg
Roy Lichtenstein
James Rosenquist
Robert Indiana
Edward Ruchae
Keith Herring 

Photo Critique

So the group thought my photos were interesting!! They thought I had a variety in backgrounds, they especially liked the photos i took of my feet outside. They thought it fit since feet and nature go together and they also mentioned that they were glad that i didn't paint my nails.
The ones picked out were

There were many more that were liked but thought these two were the best (inconsideration of the upcoming project)